A Small Zen Temple dedicated to Saint Jizo 地蔵庵禅堂

Sei-Shin-Zan Jizo-an Sanjo Zendo 清心山地蔵庵 三畳禅堂


Mission: To lead the lay community in Meditation




Jizō -an is a small Private Zen Temple in S. Pasadena California.
aka Sei-shin zan Jizō -an (pure heart mountain temple for Jizō Bosatsu)

Zen at Jizō -an is led by Jyozen Anjyu. Jyozen has been given permission by his teachers to teach meditation, answer questions on Buddhism, and lead zazen practice at Jizō -an. Meditation is held in the Sanjo Zendo.

Jyozen began Meditation with martial arts instruction under Master YenSuhHo in 1966. Continued under Hirotaka Okubo Sensei beginning in 1982; Studied under Reverend Hirokazu 'kaizan' Kosaka since 1983. Joined Kanzeon-ji under Ryugen Watanabe Roshi in May of 2000. In January of 2012 Rev. Watanabe dedicated the location as a temple named Jizo-an; he had Jyozen take on the responsibility as its Jushoku (someone who lives at the temple) and awarded the title Anjyu.


Our daily Practice at Jizo-an includes: zazen (seated meditation); Dokkyo (Chanting); 動く瞑想 Ugoku meisō (Moving Meditation),

Many of the Japanese Arts are employed at Jizo-anís Seishin Dojo (Pure Heart Place of The Way) as Ugoku meisō (Moving Meditations). These include Geido (Artistic Arts) like Sado (Tea Ceremony); and Shodo (Caligraphy) in the Seishin Shitsu (Pure Heart Tea Room), and Budo (Warrior Arts) such as Iaido (sword Drawing); Kyudo (The Way of the Bow); Kido (Energy Working), and more.



Jizō-an is named for the patron saint or Bosatsu called Jizō . Jizō is the saint for all travelers. These can be travelers on any path, in any life or realm, at any time and place (but especially for mothers and their children, and particularly for those who die in child birth). That all may find peace wherever they find themselves, Jizō will find them there to offer guidance and support.